Sarasota Blinds Repairs

Sarasota Blinds, LLC. also does repairs on all major brands of Window Blinds , Plantation Shutters and Drapery Rods. Did you know that the repair of window treatments is a dying industry here in Sarasota? There are fewer and fewer companies that offer repairs or have the installers that even know how to repair blinds! Call around and see for yourself, no one is doing repair work anymore.

Don’t get fooled by our competitors offering free repairs! They use that excuse to come out to your home and sell you new blinds after they tell you that your blind can not be repaired, Why? Well there is a shortage of knowledgeable and factory trained installers who know how to repair blinds.

Here at Sarasota Blinds, LLC., we are factory trained repairmen. We are factory trained master installers too! Most of the window covering manufacturers do not even offer this valuable training anymore, it’s a thing of the past!

When you call us for repairs we will set up an initial service call, send out a qualified repairman and repair your blinds onsite or if we have to bring them back to our warehouse we will do that too. Most things can be repaired onsite, if not no worries, Sarasota Blinds, LLC., will pack up your blind and ship it back to the original manufacturer if necessary. Most blinds can be repaired locally by us if needed, we have the sources to order parts and do the repairs in house.

Sarasota Blinds, LLC, is also one of the few companies that do Plantation Shutter Repairs. Did you pull out your staples from your tilt bar? Is your tilt bar made from plastic and you broke off some of the connectors? Did someone lean on your shutter and break a shutter vane? No worries! Sarasota Blinds, Llc can and will repair those items for you! We have well over 30 years’ experience repairing Blinds and Shutters. Our trucks carry many blind and shutter parts so we can repair most things onsite. If we need to take a blind or shutter back with us, please ask about our temporary shade program. We will not leave your window wide open for all to see in! We can simply place a paper temporary shade up for your convenience, and better yet, there is no charge for this service, the paper shades are completely FREE!

How does our competition stack up against that? Well they do not and we know this because we have been serving the Sarasota and Manatee County areas for well over 30 years! So, don’t you worry about a broken blind ever again! We can usually in most cases repair your blind or plantation shutter back to its original condition. In most cases its much less expensive to repair an older blind back to its original working condition then to purchase new blinds, either way you get the most value for your hard-earned money. Call us today and set an appointment for us to repair your blinds at 941-356-3687, you’ll be glad you did!