22 08, 2020

What to consider before buying window coverings in Sarasota, Florida?

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When deciding on the right type of window covering to choose, consumers should consider what function they want them to perform. Functions, such as light control and insulation, are especially important to consumers living in sunny Sarasota, Florida. Some consumers are more concerned with privacy than saving energy. It is always wise to consider how [...]

20 07, 2020

Top 3 Reasons Plantation Shutters are a Good Investment

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Plantation Shutters will make your home look great. No matter what your decor, the clean, natural, and traditional look of Plantation Shutters create a warm and inviting space. These attractive indoor shutters are well worth their cost because they give so much in return. Below are the top 3 reasons that your investment in Plantation [...]

12 06, 2020

Norman® : Buying the Best in Plantation Shutters

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Adding plantation shutters to your home windows can increase the value of your home, cut energy costs, let you control the light in each room, and look absolutely beautiful. Get the most out of your home improvement dollars by purchasing the highest quality, advanced designed, most modern, and longest lasting plantation shutters available, Norman® Shutters. [...]

8 05, 2020

Child Safety Advances in Window Covering

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Child safety is top priority for us at Sarasota Blinds, LLC. The products we sell become part of our customers' most personal and safe place, their homes. We are devoted to doing our part in keeping your family safe. As experts in the field of window coverings, we take pride in offering products with up-to-date [...]

26 10, 2019

Leave it to the Experts: Top 3 Reasons DIY’ers Should Leave Window Treatment Installation to the Experts

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Everyone likes to save money, especially those who are handy with a screwdriver and are used to putting things together themselves. You may be perfectly capable of hanging blinds, so why not just do it yourself? Consider the time it takes, special techniques for doing it right, and how to handle tricky spaces. Hiring a [...]

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